Previewing Poliça

After the breakup of Roma di Luna, it seemed like the world would never be right again- that is until Poliça, the latest project from lead singer Channy Cassell, came strolling down this new dark, brooding alleyway. Pulling along one or two members of the supergroup Gayngs, namely the talented Ryan Olson, Poliça has recently put forth several tracks that will no doubt make great strides this new year with several performance already lined up throughout the U.S. Borrowing the murky synth soundscapes and echoing brass instrumentals of Gayngs while injecting their own unique clean beats and bass driven melodies, Poliça gives us hope that 2012 will be a successful year in music. Check out their track “Wandering Star” after the jump.

Keep an eye out for their full length debut Give You the Ghost in February.

Poliça will be in Philadelphia at Kung Fu Necktie on March 23.

- Gary Kafer; Head Music Writer/Blog Editor

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