34th Street Magazine: The OF Tape – Odd Future

OFWGKTA returns with a self–congratulatory victory lap. Unfortunately, its pricetag raises expectations above a “kids–just–havin’–fun” mixtape. Tyler is frontman for his mesmerizing absurdity and advanced rhythms, but Hodgy is clearly gunning for prominence and even Domo garners attention. The diverse production leans toward heavily weeded–out R&B, and it usually works except for missteps like the fiasco “50” or the lazy “Snow White.” Ultimately, the 18–track behemoth from the talented crew suffers from a pervasive mediocrity that weighs down the instant–classic material (“Rella” or “Hcapd”). It’s predominantly disappointing, but the standout cuts will make this a likely addition to any fan’s catalogue.

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Michael Scognamiglio, 34th Street Magazine

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