Melissa Polinar, self-made Youtube singer, songwriter, and most importantly, star, recently released “As of Now,” her second EP.  The release features six tracks, characterized by her simple, raw style.  Polinar, a lifelong classical violin player with fine-tuned perfect pitch, sprinkles her songs with soulful guitar progressions and powerful vocals.  Her melodies are refreshingly innovative, while her playing and voice, some would say, equate that of a female John Mayer.  Polinar fuses folk, acoustic soul and blues into one tasteful brand of musical distinction.  ”Perfectly Distracted,” the first track of the EP, exemplifies this unique fusion while showcasing Polinar’s exceptional singing and guitar-playing abilities. Prospects seem promising for Polinar as she rises step by step from the underground to famedom.  Partake in the Polinar movement by checking out her Youtube channel, adding on to the more than half-a-million hits and 47,000+ subscribers!

-Tiffany Kang

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