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Speaking Frankly: Frank Ocean’s Channel ORANGE

As someone who is involved both in the music blog-o-sphere and the LGBTQ community, I got about 10 texts, Facebook messages, calls etc. the morning Frank Ocean became one of the first openly queer individuals in the rap/R&B game. While this was very exciting information, in some ways it overshadowed the release of his first studio album Channel ORANGE, which technically drops today (though it had an iTunes “exclusive” release a week earlier). In the massive amount of press about which songs include references to his sexuality, the surprising support of fellow industry up-and-comers such as Tyler the Creator, and overall reports of how this announcement will change the long homophobic history of the industry, the actual review and praise of the album has been lost.

34th Street Magazine: The OF Tape – Odd Future

OFWGKTA returns with a self–congratulatory victory lap. Unfortunately, its pricetag raises expectations above a “kids–just–havin’–fun” mixtape. Tyler is frontman for his mesmerizing absurdity and advanced rhythms, but Hodgy is clearly gunning for prominence and even Domo garners attention. The diverse production leans toward heavily weeded–out R&B, and it usually works except for missteps like the fiasco “50” or the lazy “Snow White.” Ultimately, the 18–track behemoth from the talented crew suffers from a pervasive mediocrity that weighs down the instant–classic material (“Rella” or “Hcapd”). It’s predominantly disappointing, but the standout cuts will make this a likely addition to any fan’s catalogue.

"Odd Futurism"

An article on the poetic significance of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.